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What is is a "light sports, pan-entertainment" ecosystem based on blockchain technology.

POK (PK currency for short) is a universal score for competitive entertainment applied in this ecosystem. Using blockchain technology and encrypted digital currency features, started with poker games and gradually expanded into e-sports, online games, board games, competitive sports, cultural and entertainment, and cooperated with various platforms to qualify participants. It will be able to participate in fair and impartial participation, prevent cheating, and use POK Sports and Entertainment General Points. It will be similar to membership privilege points in gold, transfer in the ecological system, motivate participants, attract new users, and achieve cooperation with the platform partners. Win, build ecology together.

Those pain points solve revolutionarily

Fair and Transparent

Dealing Mechanism

Anonymity Protection

Cheating Prevention

Global payment

With Digital Currency

Decentralized Digital Wallet

Protecting Fund Security for Players


POA (Proof of Activity): Rewarding communities with tokens from the bonus pool. The platform promises to return no less than 15% of its revenue every month to communities in forms of daily competitions, incentive mechanisms, raffles and other promotional activities to provide the poker consumers with as much value as possible. (The part of rewards could be awarded by joining community acticities, not by holding POK directly.)
POC (Proof of Contribution): The platform will calculate contribution of community constructors according to users' behavior data, and reward them with token accordingly.

Game Platform

With a variety of game platform templates and functions, users can easily create their own game platforms based on without programming and deployment. Based on block chain technology, community information, user information and ecological economic rules are written into the block chain to promote the spread of ecological value.


The token incentive system reduces the operating cost of each community, ensures fast and prosperous community construction, and eventually realizes the business return through ecological consumption.

Up to 30% will be put into ecological construction, specifically used for landing on major exchanges, access to global poker platforms, brand promotion, user promotion and other expansion.

Trading market

As more users join the ecosystem, more rewards will be awarded to users by joining community activities. The POA, revenue, users and other key data of each community will be recorded in the block chain and the chain will distribute the benefits fairly to every community.

Technological realization

POK is a global cryptocurrency based on Ethereum, and is compliant with the ERC20 standard.
It enables fast trading and will continue to access to the world's major poker platforms in addition to being used in its ecosystem.

Release Time

POK will be issued in Jan. 2018, and platform will be launched in the 2nd quarter.


Sasaki Yuta

Sasaki Yu-tai is the former president of Japan's xChun Corporation and the founder of In December 2008, Sasaki Yu-tai founded xChun Co., Ltd. (xChun), committed to the portal information services, xChun, headquartered in Osaka, Japan, and has branches in Tokyo, the United States, Southeast Asia and other countries worldwide. Sasaki Yutai is a poker enthusiast, he has participated in the world's major poker events, and is a long-term online player. The rise of block chain technology has him see the opportunity to use block chain technology to restructure the poker market. Besides, Japanese government, compared to many countries around the world, supports blockchain technology, such as bitcoin, giving him more confidence. So in 2017 he began to prepare for the, and officially release the product in early 2018.

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